Either you dress consciously or you do not - in any case, a decision. Fashion is a footprint of the Zeitgeist and the culture. The final manifestation of fashion occurs through the symbiosis of clothing, body, and movement. The challenge lies in the randomness of the moving garment. The balance of the look. Questioning and examining familiar forms of clothing and their way of dressing. Assembling anew is always a discovery - playing driven by curiosity. Equilibrium - A composition. Équilibres (composés) is a reflection on the term ‚wardrobe‘ and how a collection is assembled. The collection is understood as the opposite of a growing wardrobe. A composition in movement. An experimental field for testing and reinterpretation as well as the continuation of what already exists. In this sense, radical. The open collection as a design proposition, which can be carried on beyond one season.